Macviva - Comércio e Indústria de Máquinas, Lda - Services

Consulting service

MACVIVA,Lda makes visits to the workplace, advises and presents proposals for security organization of people, equipment, materials, and the development of the work of your company. 

MACVIVA, Lda also proposes training solutions tailored to your company. 

Parts sales service - Industrial Machinery

MACVIVA, Lda sells Security Accessories (see description and prices), among other products, for Industrial Machinery.

Lista de Acessórios e Preçário

Sale Service of Machinery for the Construction

MACVIVA, Lda. sells material for construction. See here products with description and prices.

Maquinaria para a Construção Civil

Employment promotion service

A meeting point between those who search and those who offers!

The constant growth of the machinery park and the relocation of buildings and works across the country and abroad leads builders entrepreneurs continually look for Operators to their equipment, in their new works, and rental equipment with operator  included.

MACVIVA, Lda. Is a link between the constant demand of operators, by Companies and Services, and its offer of Human Resources available in this profession.

As Operator to offer your services