Macviva - Comércio e Indústria de Máquinas, Lda - Company


Macviva – Comércio e Indústria de Máquinas, Lda., limited liability company, is a specialized, young and modern company, which offers Products and Services in the areas of Automobile and Mobile  Equipment, self-propelled and motorized equipment applications on earthmoving, load lifting, agriculture and forest, paving and compaction, energy production, handling of construction materials, product support services, training and protection of the environment.  

The name - Macviva - come from the association of the first 3 letters of MAChine that was join to the adjective VIVA(Live or cheer up), which means Energy, Vitality, and Care for Life and Environment, in the operation of machines in the market.

The company has developed its strategic slogan “TO KNOW HOW”, knowledge and expertise in the conviction that Theory and Practice are inseparable and contribute decisively to the effective and efficient performance, understanding the needs and requirements of the client user .

Macviva, Lda. has a strong team of partners and employees experts that combines and integrates the knowledge, the academic qualification and the experience, with a previous high-level performance standing in leading companies in the sector, to lead the company towards success.

Macviva, Lda. provides losgistics services of parts, rental equipment and professional training for operators, mechanics and workers in general.

Currently, Macviva, Lda. works as a Professional Training company certified by DGERT (General Direction for Employment and Work Relationships), certified by IEFP (Institute of Employment and Vocacional Training), IMT (Institute of Mobility and Transport) and DRAP (Regional Direction for Agriculture and Fisheries).


To increase Partnerships and strengthen its National and Transnational Cooperation Networks;

To comply fully with all comitments towards its employees, suppliers and customers, answering efficiently and transparently to their needs and expectations, ensuring thus a long-lasting relationship over the long term.

To become a reference in terms the Quality of products and services provided, with always the preference of the Customers.




Environmental Protection


Vocational Training




Macviva, Lda., provides products and services that meet expectations and the levels of requirment of the costumer, duly supported by competent Technicians, proceeding correctly in the agreed timeframe and at the expected cost.

Macviva, Lda. meets the legal, regulatory and normative requirements to which the company is subject and ensures that organisation is geared towards the ongoing improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system, innovation and the availability of means of training necessary to its employees. 

The company promotes products, services, and procedures that contribute to sustainable development.


The technical team of the Macviva, Lda. is formed by elements that are qualified and experienced for the activities developed. Macviva, Lda. accounts also with a set of external trainers who collaborate regularly in their training activities.