Macviva - Comércio e Indústria de Máquinas, Lda - Accreditations / Partnerships

Among the various development factors, training of operators assumes high importance in a context where it is intended continuous improvement of the knowledge and expertise necessary for the performance of the profession.

Always attentive to what surrounds us, Macviva, Lda. implemented a Training Department and Pedagogical Coordination that respond to current training needs in the civil construction sector, as well as other areas identified by the constant monitoring of the market.

In this sense, and with a view to continuous improvement, partnerships / accreditations were established  with the following entities:


Macviva, Lda., is certified by DGERT - General Direction for Employment and Work Relationships - in accordance with legislative decree nº 857, enacted on september 6th 2010, altered by legistalitve decree nº 208, enacted on june 26th 2013. 

Macviva Lda., holder of the licence 5/2013 is approved by IMT - Institute for Mobility and Transport - in accordance with  legislative decree nº 126, enacted on may 27th 2009, for Passenger Chauffeur's training (35h) and Goods Driver's training (35h).

Macviva, Lda. is recognised by DRAP - Regional Direction forAgriculture and Fisheries - as a training entity under ruling nº 8857, enacted on july 9th 2014,  for training course of Distribution, Sale and Application of Plant Protection Products.

Macviva, Lda. is recognised by IEFP - Institute of Employment and Training - for Trainer's Training (90h).

Macviva, Lda. is recognised by ACT – Working Conditions Authority – as a training entity in line with the requirements of Statute Law no.102 enacted on September 10th 2009.


MIC-Inspecção e Certificação Técnica, Lda. (Turquel)
E4PI, Consulting (Lisboa)
PRETRAB-SHT (Torres Novas)
Escola de Condução Auto de Proença-A-Nova
TALENTER-LusoTempo (Lisboa)
LNS SAGA  (Islândia)
António Pesqueira & Filhos, Lda. (Guarda)
António Lemos, Unip. (Aveiro)
Trilhos, Lda (Porto)
Gruas Vítor Silva (Tomar)
Centrocar - Centro de Equipamentos Mecânicos (Alverca)
2AB - Comércio e Serviço de Equipamentos, Lda. (Benedita)